Mercury Transit In Leo (17th August 2020) - Prediction For All Zodiac Signs

Mercury Transit In Leo (17th August 2020): On August 17 (Monday), Mercury planet will transit in Leo. Here it will pair with Leo zodiac sign and thereby create Budhaditya Yoga. Mercury will remain in Leo in the zodiac sign till 2 September. In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be a factor of intelligence, speech, communication, communication, etc. Lord of Gemini and Virgo is Mercury planet. Here at Astrogurutips, Acharya Vashisht G tell the effect of Mercury in the Leo sign on all 12 zodiac signs.

Mercury Transit In Leo (17th August 2020) - Prediction For All Zodiac Signs


For Aries Zodiac Signs, Mercury transit will give you good results. From the point of view of education or competition, it would be better not only for love marriage. The opportunity would be great for daily traders or for signing new contracts. Relief from child-related anxiety will result in the attainment of child-attainment and harmony for the new couple.



Transit of Taurus will not be very good. In this sense, Mercury is not as impressive as it should be, so the people may have to face mental disturbance due to family feud. Transit will be good in terms of work, trade and employment. It will increase interaction with new people, but avoid giving more money to friends or relatives as debt.



This transit will increase your courage and might, but, due to your stubbornness and anger at times, you can do harm, so there is an absolute need for restraint. You will get the benefit of traveling tour, if any work related to the departments of the government is to be completed then it will be good. The dream of buying a house vehicle will be fulfilled. There are also the sum of child attainment and evolution.



Transit of Cancer will strengthen your financial side, but it can harm real estate, so if you want to buy and sell property, wait a little. Be reflective of health. With the help of your speech skills, you will normalize even the odd situation, yet avoid being a victim of conspiracy in the field. It would be better to finish the work and come straight home.



Efforts made towards Leo employment will remain meaningful. You will get complete happiness of governance. Maintain cordial relations with high officials. If you want to make decisions regarding elections etc., then the opportunity is good to avail. You will be able to control odd situations with your understanding.



This transit can weaken your financial side. You may also have to travel painfully. Avoid wasted expenses Visa related to foreign travel would be better to apply for more applications or foreign nationality. Your own people will try to degrade, be careful, avoid loan transactions more than banks etc.



Your source of income will increase. There is a possibility of purchasing real estate in the middle of this period. Time is favorable for students or contestants. For the new couple, with the age of child attainment and influence, you will get freedom from the anxiety related to the child. Transit is also good for romance.



The transit of Scorpio Mercury will provide opportunities for advancement in the field. If you want to try for a change of place, it would be good to maintain good relations with the top officials. Applying to foreign companies will also be successful. Be reflective of parents' health. It would be better if the court court resolves the cases outside. The decision related to the election will be in your favor.



The transit of Sagittarius Mercury will increase interest in matters of religion. This transit  will be relatively and students favorable. Applying for service in a foreign company or striving for foreign citizenship will be successful. If you want to start any of the biggest work or sign the contract, then try and be successful.



The transit of Capricorn Mercury will be a mixed fruit factor. There may be some bitterness even in married life, yet the marriage talks will be successful. The economic side will be strong, avoid selling any real estate during this period, there will be a possibility of economic loss. Before signing any contract between this planet transit, check the terms and conditions check.



This transit work will be called good in terms of trade. It will be auspicious for married life. If you work by keeping control of your stubbornness and charge, then you will be completely successful. Do not make any plan public until it is completed. Despite all this, health will be good. Social prestige will increase and the decision taken for you will be appreciated.



The transit of Pisces Mercury will have an adverse effect on the economic side as well as health. Avoid cold and cough. News can be obtained by suffering from a relative or friend, deteriorating the relationship. You will get the benefit of traveling countryside. Work related to the central or state government will be settled. Beware of secret enemies.


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