Astrology And Coronavirus/Covid-19- Astrology Corona Predictions

Currently, everyone is suffering from the fear of Coronavirus. This is the first time ever that people around the world are in so much fear and suspicion. Let's know the astrological connection of Coronavirus.

Astrology And Coronavirus/Covid-19- Astrology Corona Predictions

Currently, everyone is suffering from the fear of Coronavirus. This is the first time ever that people around the world are in so much fear and suspicion. It all started in the month of December from China. It will be interesting to analyze the astrological reasoning and correlations with all such events of the past. Over the past few weeks, this virus has spread rapidly along with the panic.

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Corona Has Lock Our Life

With the lockdown of schools, colleges, cinema corridor and even most of the nations all over the world. We thought perhaps Astrology could offer some understanding into this circumstance which has disabled our social or professional life.  The first case of coronavirus came out in Wuhan City of Chine at the end of December 2019. As of now, 190+ countries have confirmed the case of Covid-19 and more than 2 Lac+ deaths have been officially confirmed so far due to this virus.  Coronavirus in India has contaminated more than 1200+ deaths so far according to the official report.  


Coronavirus & Astrology

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that Coronavirus is majorly contracted by seafood, that is, sea and marine products. Astrology emphasizes maintaining harmony among the Panchabhutas that dominate human life. Let us know the astrological basis of Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • No disease is caused by the influence of any one planet, but due to the combination of many other planets and the effects of zodiac signs.
  • The Moon’s influence is purely involved in spreading this disease because the Moon governs the ocean and sea-related products.
  • Apart from this, Rahu-Ketu is also believed to be responsible for viral diseases and similar conditions are created if Mercury is affected by Saturn and Mars.
  • Sun is the benefactor of sound health, strong immune system and healing and if its placement seems weak during the transit, then the chances of contracting such disease become high.
  • Currently, the Sun has transited in January in the zodiac signs ruled by Saturn, which will remain in Capricorn till mid-February and then in Aquarius until mid-March. Thus, the Sun is in a weak state due to being posited in the signs of Saturn.
  • The acute condition of Coronavirus also causes symptoms like pneumonia, for which the planet Mercury is also believed to be responsible.
  • Jupiter is the significator for expansion, i.e. to increase, promote or spread. Hence, Jupiter is also playing a major role in spreading this disease.

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  • Thus the conjunction of Jupiter and Ketu played an important role in making it a face of pandemic today.
  • Jupiter is afflicted and weakly posited by being in the axis of Rahu-Ketu, due to which the disease is spreading rapidly.
  • Zodiac Sign Gemini indicates throat related diseases, whereas Cancer sign represents lung and water-borne diseases. For such an epidemic to arise, Cancer and Gemini are likely to remain inflicted.
  • Currently, Rahu is transiting in Gemini, and Mars is also posited in Sagittarius with Jupiter and Ketu and fully aspecting Gemini and Cancer signs. In this case, both Gemini and Cancer are suffering and under the affliction.
  • Medical results have revealed that Coronavirus is majorly affecting people who suffer from diabetes or depression.
  • It is also worth noting here that Jupiter and Moon are the main planets responsible for depression, and even for diabetes. Both these diseases weaken the immune system of a native.

The above conditions are currently playing an important role in the spread of Coronavirus.


Coronavirus & Its Ends

On 30 June, Jupiter will again enter Sagittarius sign in retrograde state and remain there till 20 November. It is likely that infectious diseases such as Coronavirus may spread further between May and September despite preventive measures being carried out. After September, when Jupiter exits its retrograde state and enters Capricorn in November, a possibility of prevention from this disease may arise.

One more thing, this disease is less likely to spread in India than other countries because the summer season will begin here, whereas cold winters will begin in other countries, which will increase the possibility of a rise in this outbreak. In such a situation, natives should especially avoid traveling abroad and visiting cold areas. 

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