Vastu Tips For Home- Vaastu Consultation For Apartment

Vastu tips for a home apartment, Vastu for the house? Is this House Good or Bad for me? tips for Building NEW Home/House, Kitchen, Living Room, Master Bedroom. Consultant with expert astrologers online for Important Vastu Tips for Apartment.

Vastu Tips For Home- Vaastu Consultation For Apartment

Vastu Tips For Home

A home is a place where you can enjoy the joy and love of people in your family. Only when you are happy and peaceful in your home you can be successful outside and carry on with success. To have such a peaceful life it is important to have your home with the rooms and things arranged in a particular order that agrees with the norms of Vastu. Here are some important Vastu tips for your happy and peaceful home with your family you can also call our expert astrologers online and know more Vastu Shastra. 

The Living Room

The best direction for the living room is the east or the north. It is the place where you gather with your family, speak and spend time with them and also the place for your guests to enter and speak to them. Your time in the living room carries some positive and negative energy as well. It is your responsibility to make the place filled with positive energy and let the negative energy stay out and away from you. To achieve them it is necessary to host to face north or east and guests have to be seated in the direction opposite to the host.

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The Bedroom

One of the most important rooms in your home and where you need good air circulation and light flow is your bedroom. According to Vastu, it is necessary to sleep as your head is facing the south direction.  So, try to make them spacious and keep only the required things in the bedroom. Do not close the doors of the room all the time, make sure they are open at least 90% of the time.

The Kitchen

The South-West of the North-West is the right place for your kitchen as per the Vastu rules. The position of burners and stove should be facing south and drinking should be facing the direction of the Northeast. Since a kitchen room carries the opposite energy, it is better to place them as far as possible from the bedroom. You can learn Vastu Shastra yourself with lots of courses available.

The Pooja Room

One of the most important, energy-giving and auspicious rooms in a house is the prayer or the pooja room.  So it is important to design and place them with high care, as far as Vastu is considered, the direction that can be placed in the north-east if it not feasible for you to place them in that direction you can try to place them in the east or the west direction.

The money or the jewelry box

Having money is directly responsible for the social status, harmony, prosperity, abundance and considered to be in the form of goodness Lakshmi puja, so it is important to place them in the right place to have them. The right place to have a cash locker is the South-west or the Southern wall of the room and the opening of the locker should be in the direction of the north since it is considered and believed that Lord Kuber is residing the northern direction.

It is believed and proved that the house follows the rules of Vastu will give prosperity and peaceful life for the people in it. You can also contact our best astrologers for free online Vastu tips for home.



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