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Kundali or Horoscope contains the basic details of life. It is based on the position of the planets at the time and place of your birth. Your Kundali tells everything like your character and destiny. Detailed Free Janam Kundali Online reports can tell you everything you are willing to know about your life.
The Astrogurutips free Janam Kundali report checks the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and planets. It also detects astrological aspects at birth. This report predicts 'what if' and 'how will' in your life.

Your horoscope is the mirror to your life’s past, present and future. It helps decipher challenges, unlock opportunities and unravel mysteries that is blocking your way to success and peace. These horoscopes prepared by India’s finest and learned Astrologers ensures honest all-round guidance on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Know your Horoscope to be aware of the cosmic alignments in store for you.

Important Features of Astrogurutips Janam Kundali Report

  • Birth constellation, date, reason and daily horoscope

    Panchang has an important role at the time of your birth. It decides the basic physical characteristics, characters, tendencies, emotional structure etc. Astrogurtips FREE horoscope almanac - Provides predictions based on day of week, constellation, date, reason and daily yoga.

  • Education, career and marriage prediction

    Get to know about the most important aspects like education, career and marriage. In the Hindi report of the horoscope, every sentiment is analyzed. It reveals various factors affecting your education, career and marriage.

  • Personality, Wealth, Land and Property

    The 12 bhavas / houses in your horoscope give details of various aspects of life. The first and second houses of the horoscope chart represent the character and the possibilities of acquiring wealth, land and property. Get your horoscope to get a forecast of your character, wealth, land and property.

  • Prevention of Mangal Dosh, solution of defects

    Defects or adverse factors in your horoscope can cause life delays or interruptions. The horoscope report examines such adverse factors and identifies faults such as Mangal Dosha and suggests remedies to overcome them.

  • Favorable period for marriage, career and business

    This horoscope report gives a detailed study of the condition of dasha - aphar kaal, miscellaneous house and planets. Thus, it can provide a detailed list of favorable periods for marriage, career, home construction, business etc.

  • Transit of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn

    Transit or shakun changes of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn can affect various matters of life. The Astrogurutips Birth Horoscope report analyzes their changes in your horoscope. Thus, it reveals those potential changes to occur in the near future.

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