Krishna Janmashtami 2020

Krishna Janmashtami 2020


Sri Krishna Janmashtami or in simple words Gokulashtmi is a once a year festival that unites people across the country to come and indulge in colors & love. The actual celebration of Janmashtami takes place during the mid-night because Kanha was born on a stormy, dark night to end the rule of an evil king. Kanha was the 8thand complete Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Krishna had an undeniable role in Mahabharata. Also, he promulgated the theory of good karma and Bhakti in Bhagwat Geeta. In the contemporary era, theories have recognition of the supreme guide for human life.

Read ahead to know more about the birth of Kanha, history, and background of Janmashtami and celebration across the globe.


Significance Of Janmashtami

1.  On this day, all the temples of the nation are decorated.
2.  Many tableaus are decorated on the occasion of Krishna’s birthday.
3.  After adorning Krishna, he is placed on the cradle and swung by everyone.

Worshippers keep fast till the midnight. At the midnight, the news of Krishna’s birth is sent everywhere with the holy sounds of conches and bells. Krishna’s Aarti is sung and holy food is distributed. With this piece of information, we hope that on this pious occasion, Lord Krishna will bless you with immense bliss and prosperity.


Krishna Janamshtami 2020 Dates And Muhurat

12 August 2020 (Wednesday)

Nishita Puja Time : 24:04:31 to 24:47:38

Duration : 0 Hour 43 Minute

Janmashtami Parana Time : After 05:48:49 on 13th, August


Janmashtami Fast & Puja Vidhi


The celebration begins with the fast & Puja of Ashtami, and ends with the Parana on Navami.
2.  One who is observing fast must have some light Sattvic food a day before i.e. Saptami. Avoid any physical intimacy with the life partner on the following night and keep all the senses under control.
3.  On the day of fast, get ready early in the morning and pay homage to all the deities; then sit facing East or North.
4.  Take Sankalp of the fast while keeping holy water, fruit, and flowers in hand.
5.  After that, sprinkle the water mixed with black sesame over yourself and make a labor room for Devki Ji.
6.  Now, place a baby bed in this room and a holy Kalash on it.
7.  Additionally, place an idol or picture of Devki Ji feeding milk to Krishna.
8.  Perform the Puja by taking the names of Devaki, Vasudeva, Baladeva, Nand, Yashoda, and Lakshmi Ji respectively.
9.  This fast is opened only after the midnight. Grains are not consumed in this fast. Only fruits and something like that can be taken e.g. fried balls of Kuttu flour, sweets made of condensed milk, and Halwa made of water chestnut.



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