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Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan play a prominent role to finding an ideal partner. Kundli Milan is a matching property based on the Ashta-Kut system. Kundli milan is that the vedic astrology equivalent of horoscope matching for marriage.

In hindu religion especially in Indi, where arranged marriages are common, kundali matching is that the most vital factor taken into consideration while moving ahead with a wedding proposal. Matching kundalis of prospective boys and girl will allow them to skills stars influence their marriage and what remedial measures got to be taken to make sure eternal marital bliss.

For kundali matching, input birth details of the boy and girl within the form below.

Kundali matching process

The marriage horoscope matching process broadly considers these factors - Guna milan, Navamsa Charts, Yoga and Doshas within the individuals. Gunas or 8 different aspects are used at the time of matching Patrika of the potential boy and girl. The points are given to every aspect on the idea of compatibility in it. The summation of all points gives you the compatibility score between partners. The influence of stars and planets in marital life is also examined.

Thus, the kundali matching process highlights the potential pitfalls during a relationship and the way to tackle them successfully. It helps identify the harmony and longevity in the union of the duo.

Guna Milan

Before a wedding decision, the kundali of each prospective bride and groom are matched for compatibility. This test is called Guna Milan and consists of 8 aspects on which the couple is assessed. The overall score generated from the matching Gunas in each test is calculated to decide if the association will be successful.

What is Guna Milan in Kundali Matching?

On the idea of the Janam Kundali of the duo, the eight Gunas are calculated. The compatibility between these eight Gunas helps determine the steadiness and affinity during a marriage. These Gunas are:

Varna - It considers the tendency, personality, skills and interests of the bride and the groom based on four broad caste classification - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. The Varna of the groom should either be higher or like the bride’s Varna.

Vashya - This Guna helps determine the degree of control or dominance over one another.

Tara - this is often for Nakshatra matching which indicates the health, well-being, and longevity of the partners after marriage.

Yoni - It helps to research the intimacy and biological compatibility of partners.

Graha Maitri - It analyzes the intellectual and mental connection between the prospective couple.

Gana - It determines the compatibility between behavior, character, and temperament of the couple.

Bhakoot - This guna is directly associated with financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage. It also determines the direction of the career growth of the bride and groom after marriage.

Nadi - This guna refers to the matters of childbirth and progeny. It is the most important guna as it holds the maximum points. It also indicates the health of the family as an entire after marriage.

Koota Maximum Score
Varna 1
Vashya 2
Tara 3
Yoni 4
Graha Maitri 5
Gana 6
Bhakoot 7
Nadi 8

How many Gunas is ideal for best Kundali Match?

For securing or approving a marriage, a minimum of 18 gunas should match. A score above 18 is considered auspicious for a blissful marriage.

Guna Milan Score Possibility of Marriage
>18 Marriage not recommended
18-24 Average match- Marriage possible
24-32 Successful marriage- Always recommended
32-36 Ideal Match - Highly recommended

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