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Rahu has been placed in the eighth (08th) positions in the planetary system as per Indian Astrology. Rahu is one of the nine significant celestial bodies in Indian manuscripts. Rahu is recognized as a shadow entity unlike the other eight planets, one that cause eclipses and recognizes as the king of meteors.

Planet Rahu is one of the Navgraha, still, it does not hold any physical identity and is known as a shadow planet. Despite this fact, Planet Rahu puts an equal impact on all the zodiac signs, like the other planets. According to astrology predictions 2020, it is believed that a benefic Rahu can bring wonderful results in the life of an individual but a malefic one can even destroy someone’s life. Planet Rahu entangles a person in legal cases and causes confusion and anxiety.

In the Year 2020, Planet Rahu will make its transit in the zodiac sign Gemini at the beginning of the year and will remain there till 23rd September 2020. It will again transit on the 23rd of September at 8:20 am, from Gemini to Taurus. Planet Rahu will affect the lives of all the natives of all the zodiac signs. Let’s see what Rahu transit has packed for you.

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 2020 Rahu Transit Dates

Gemini to Taurus

Saturday, September 19, 2020 08:06 PM

True Gemini to Taurus

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 07:38 AM




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