Vaishakhi/Baishakhi is an annual Hindi Festival with a great historical and religious value. The festival has a major religious association with the Sikh community of India. However, it observe a grand celebration across the country among Hindu and Sikhs every year.

Vaisakhi is a religious as well as a cultural festival of India and it takes place in the first month of Bikram Samvat according to the Hindu calendar. Typically, the festival occurs in the month of April every year in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. Majorly, the festival has an association with the Traditional solar New Year, Punjabi New Year, and Birth Date of Khalsa. On this day, devotees carry parade and processions on the streets in the honor of the legends behind the celebration of Vaisakhi. Devotees in the parade carry the Nishan Sahib Flag which one of the main observance of the occurring and festivity.

The celebration of the occasion takes place in many forms. Some people carry out procession and parade to offer gratitude to the legends. On the other hand, in Gurudwaras and temples, devotional songs, folk music, and a folk dance is the major way of celebration. On this day, many Sikhs perform the rituals of Amrit Sanchar (baptism). Alongside this, the Nagar Kirtan and grand fairs are the major attraction of the event.


Highlights Of The Festivity

The festival of Vaisakhi brings bliss across the country. The Gurudwaras start embellishing and people decorate their homes. Alongside this, the day of Vaisakhi is one of the prominent days in Sikhism to take a religious dip. Thus, devotees visit the holy ponds of nearby Gurudwaras and take bath. Also, cities and towns are filled with songs, kirtan, and devotion.

The locals around the corners organize enthralling fairs and arrange food stalls to allure the onlookers. In addition, devotees carry huge processions and distribute religious offerings.

In Hindu religion, the day has the significance of traditional solar New Year. Furthermore, in Punjab people celebrate this day to pray for the harvest. On this religious occurring, people take bath in the river of Ganga, Kaveri, and Jhelum and temples around the country observe a great number of people visiting for devotion and prayers.


When Is Baisakhi 2020 Dates?

13 April, 2020 (Monday)


The instigation of Khalsa is the mark of integrity, freedom, and belief. It gives the concept of true warriors and spiritual disposition. Also, it marks a rejection of dominance and cruelty.

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